Epoxy Flooring Wausau: Best Decision

Icing On the Cake

When it comes to garage organization, people tend to think of shelving and cabinets as the only thing that needs to be installed. But what about that epoxy flooring Wausau folks need? It almost comes as an after thought because it doesn’t automatically get your storage off the ground, but oh what a difference it makes! I like to call it the cherry on top and the icing on the cake!


Of course, the garage is the best place to install your epoxy flooring in Wausau, but it can go just about anywhere. Are you a hairstylist and want a maintainable floor that’s easy to clean? Yep, we can do that! Or are you a homeowner who wants the concrete in your basement to have a smooth, seamless finish? Consider it done. We’ve even had homeowners want the flooring done in basement bedrooms in order to create a uniform, consistent, and durable flooring. Whatever your situation, we can give you that epoxy flooring Wausau homeowners are raving about!
Everyone loves a good before and after, and we have just the evidence to show you that our epoxy flooring Wausau loves is the way to go. In the photos below, you can see how much of a difference the flooring makes. Look how professional and put together this floor looks now. If you are even considering epoxy flooring in Wausau, then these pictures should steer you toward a decision!
Epoxy Flooring Wausau Before
Epoxy Flooring Wausau After
This floor turned out beautifully after the cracks were repaired.  This is a good example of how ramps and stemwalls can be finished to create a uniform finished look.  We used the Saddletan color to finish the garage floor.
Epoxy Flooring Wausau
Garage Flooring Wausau
These floors were redone in a bedroom and bathroom in a walkout basement. The color we used was Marble.