Garage Shelves Wausau: Before & After

If you’ve looked through our testimonials, you’d have seen a lovely comment about the garage shelves Wausau folks have been raving about. It says, “Thank you so much for assisting us in the organization of our garage!  We were astonished that you were able to transform our garage in the space of one day.  Amazing!  You were incredibly helpful during the design process, efficient during the installation while being respectful of our family inside, and knowledgeable about the product.  I couldn’t hope to work with two better people.  We would recommend you and your product to anyone.”

Before Garage Shelves Wausau

Garage Shelves Wausau Before

Garage Shelves Wausau After

Garage Shelves Wausau Workbench

Garage Shelves Wausau

One of the best parts of our job is seeing our customers thrilled with their new garage shelves in Wausau. It keeps us coming back and wanting to fulfill our customers’ needs. The fact that our garage systems are state-of-the-art make it easy to stand by our product and service. We have the garage shelves Wausau needs and we know that they are the strongest on the market. They are made of complete industrial steel and come with a lifetime guarantee. It’s the one product we’ll constantly stand by and promote without question.

Here’s a direct quote from the owner, Hank Mulder:

For this garage, we started with the original estimate which included installing 12 feet of 24″ shelf/rack on one wall and another 8 feet of 24″ shelving on the back wall with a 4 foot workbench area below it.  When we were done organizing that portion of their garage, they decided to add another 8 feet in another corner.  We reorganized their belongings to include a corner for yard tools, a workbench area and pegboard, and a wall with their bikes, strollers and sporting goods with plenty of shelf space above.  They were able to free up space inside their home by moving additional items out to the garage.