Garage Storage for Kayaks

Now here’s a novel idea for outdoor enthusiasts. We’re not sure how many of you there are, but we’re well aware that kayaking is one of the most enjoyable sports to do around Wausau and Minocqua. We’ve had a few questions though, what to do about garage storage for kayaks?

Consider your next camping trip. You’ve got your kayaks strapped to the top of the car, all your camping gear in the back, and you’re ready to start this adventure. You spend your first night all curled up in your sleeping bag (you’re reminded that the sleeping pad really doesn’t cut it anymore), and wake up with the sun, just in time to get your kayak in the water. We’ll let your imagination run free with how you and your kayak did and in the mean time, check out Kayak Quixotica for some great pictures and even greater kayak adventures. But it’s time to come home and back to reality. Here’s the issue though…what do you do about garage storage for kayaks?

I’m sure you’ve struggled with leaning your kayak up against the wall, only to have it tumble over and scratch it up. In order to fully protect your equipment, you’ll need the right garage storage for kayaks. You need to get them up off the ground, and ensure they won’t get scratched or knocked over. That’s where the Monkey Bar Storage System comes into play.

The greatest thing about the Monkey Bar Storage System is that it’s completely versatile. Our shelving can accommodate the kayaker, the surfer, the camper, and the sports enthusiast. Plus, as your needs change, the system can change with you. Garage storage for kayaks can be solved by using our shelves to hold the kayaks off the ground. We did a couple jobs in Wausau and Minocqua demonstrating perfectly how we do things around here.

Garage Storage for KayaksGarage Storage for Kayaks Red

Board racks can be utilized in a number of ways, depending on the amount of space available.  Kayaks and boards can be stored flat on the bars, or if less space is available, we have also used straps to secure them flat against the wall.

Stop worrying about how to store your kayak and give us a call!