Garage Systems Wausau: Life Changing!

We’ve all been there. The knick knacks start piling up and the only place to store them is the garage. Years pass and you realize you can’t even park your car in the garage anymore! The shelves in your garage are rickety and just aren’t cutting it anymore. Look no further than Monkey Bars of Central Wisconsin. Here, you’ll find those garage systems Wausau families are raving about.

Check out the BEFORE photo of a job we finished in Wausau.

Garage Systems Before

Need A Solution!

This homeowner felt the shelves and pegs they had been using weren’t working for them, and wanted an enclosed area to store items out of sight and out of reach of their children. They also had a large number of children’s toys that were odd sizes that they hadn’t been able to find a good solution for storing. They needed to find garage systems in Wausau.

Garage Cabinets Wausau

To the Rescue!

They called us and we came to the rescue! We installed a set of garage cabinets with a worktop area in the back of the garage near the entrance of the house, and organized the children’s toys in the other back corner of the garage.

Garage Systems WausauThe bike and other outdoor toys hung nicely on hooks, the balls were gathered in a sports bag, and there was plenty of room on the shelf above for more toys to be moved out there – freeing up space in their house. These are the best garage systems Wausau could ask for!

Garage Solutions WausauYard Tools – Adults & Kids:

The front corner of the garage near the main overhead door was customized to hold all of the family’s yard tools. A single bar held their rakes, shovels and other yard tools. Another bar installed at a lower height was used to hang the children’s rakes and shovels as well as a basket for gloves and smaller gardening items.

The pictures don’t lie. It’s amazing what some good storage can do for your garage. Look no further than these garage systems Wausau homeowners need!