Wausau Garage Shelving: The Secret’s Out

Run Out Of Pantry Space?

Let’s face it. Sometimes the kitchen just doesn’t provide enough shelving for all of our food and beverages. I’ve lived in a home where there wasn’t even a pantry–only small cupboards to share with my dinnerware. It’s probable to want everything in the kitchen, but when there’s just not enough space, why not look into Wausau garage shelving? The garage can provide exceptional storage, especially when your shelves are right next to the door. That means easy access to your beverages and other items!

Hank Mulder, owner, states: “For some families, we have added dropdown shelves in their garage near the door into their home, offering additional space for storing beverages or other items they use often within their home but didn’t have room for inside.”

Wausau Garage Shelving

Drop Down

The beauty of Wausau garage shelving is that you can customize them any way you’d like. Drop-down shelves make it possible to store more things like boxes and bins that can’t be hung from hooks. Our goal is to completely optimize the wall space in your garage and there are so many possibilities to do so.

The hooks and racks that you can switch in also make it possible to hang your garden tools, golf clubs, bicycles, or just about anything you need. The secret to optimizing space in your garage is to get everything off the floor. This Wausau garage shelving makes it possible to do so.

Wausau Garage Shelving Racks

Adjustable Shelving

Our Wausau garage shelving is completely adjustable. As you can see in the photo below, you can move the drop down shelves up or down depending on the size of your storage. If one rack needs to be taller, it’s easy to do so. Not only are the shelves adjustable, but they’re incredibly strong. You don’t have to worry about overloading the shelf because the durable, steel design enables it to hold heavy storage items.

Wausau Garage Shelving Racks Bare