Wausau Garage Storage: Sail Away

Row, Row, Row Your Boat…or Sail.

If you live around the Great Lakes, you probably love to sail, or know somebody who does. The immense bodies of water make it possible to venture on countless sailing trips, and allow you to get a different experience each time. The spring and summer months are full of adventure and activity, but when winter rolls around, it’s time to put the sails away.

Instead of renting a storage unit, why not store the massive sails right in your garage? Our Wausau garage storage options allow you to do just that. In the photo shown below, we were able to store the sails high and out of the way. The homeowner was more than pleased to see how much space our Wausau garage storage opened up for them.

Wausau Garage Storage for Sails

This photo was featured on our corporate Instagram page.

Not only can the Monkey Bar Storage System give you storage for sails, but you can get things off the ground ranging from bikes to plastic bins full of Christmas decorations. The Wausau garage storage options are endless, and we will even give you a free estimate after coming to your home and designing a custom plan.

Whether you’re a sailor, golfer, or carpenter, we have the perfect Wausau garage storage system for your needs. The thing that truly makes our system great is the fact that we can customize it especially for you. If you have a small garage, or a large one, we’ll find the perfect products for your life. We want you to feel like you’re in control of your storage again, and ultimately, your life. A clean and orderly home makes for an easier life!