Wausau Garage Systems: Man Cave Edition

It’s a well known fact that most men need their own “man cave”, a place where they can unwind, release, and focus their energy on something other than their day job. That man cave is often the garage, as everyone from the casual outdoorsmen to the self-employed handyman can find solace in its setting. Wausau garage systems make that man cave possible. They instantly transform the space from organized chaos into an immaculate haven of tools and equipment.

One of our jobs was done in two weekends and turned out beautiful. Wausau garage systems were installed in the space and made it a perfect area for tool use and woodworking. The customer was indeed pleased with the outcome and even received a humorous note from his girlfriend:

Wausau Garage Systems Mancave

Below are photos of Wausau garage systems and how drastically they improved this space. Not only can the customer work and hang out in his garage, but all of the storage he needs is opening up the entire floorspace. He can easily fit two vehicles in there if needs be and still have enough space at his workbench. Wausau garage systems are great not only for individuals but entire families that need their equipment organized and still accessible. If you need any help with your garage, you know who to call!

Wausau Garage Systems Left

Wausau Garage Systems Window

Wausau Garage Systems Bags

Wausau Garage Systems Full

Here’s a direct quote from Owner, Hank Mulder:

We did this garage in two weekends – it included one wall of our 24″ shelf/rack system and an inverted shelf above a window on the other side.  The owner added a few of his own touches in the organization of this garage, and it turned out beautifully. The second time we were there, we noticed a note from his girlfriend on his whiteboard in the garage (“I love you, even if you love your man cave more!”)